The seasoned rapper got into music at the tender age of just eleven after his father passed away. His older brother would rap when he was young and influenced him to start doing it himself. Him and his brother would often play around, pretending they were in a real studio. He was deep into the streets though began putting his focus into music. The positive feedback he received from his peers pushed him to keep on going.

The emerging rapper's most trending project is called “Last Scars”. It’s a testament to all the pain he’s gone through and touches on the struggle on his come up to success. He’s currently grinding hard to give back to his family and pay for local kids tuition so they don’t have to struggle like he did. The hustler truly did come from some of the darkest places in life and rose above it by putting in the work.

Growing up, he had to bottle everything up and was very depressed. It was like no one cared. He hopes to give people a means of voicing their pain through his raw, real tracks that serve as the soundtrack to the struggle. He also has another track called “Dirty World” that talks on the current dark situations we are going through as a society. The rapper also talks deeply on what he went through growing up in tracks like “Deeper”. Then there’s his hustle tunes like “From the Bottom” that talk on him coming from the slums and becoming a successful rapper. All in all, his tracks inspire and motivate listeners to do better and never stop hustling.