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Hard-hitting bars, raw rap rhythms and an electrifying energy that keeps on giving. Welcome to the exhilarating new world of Burt Bankkz, an emerging hip-hop artist from the Broward County, Florida who’s currently making a major mark on the global music game. His songs are total hustle anthems and motivate listeners to keep grinding and be the best they can be. He blurs the line between heavy trap and lyrical hip-hop by infusing smart lyricism to bass-heavy beats. They are the perfect party tunes but could also be enjoyed in a chilled setting.

What motivates him to keep pushing is his fierce drive to give back to his community. He wants to give kids someone they can look up to and inspire others to do good. This is because growing up in a city full of hatred and envy, he felt like he never had the right influences he needed to succeed. What sets him apart is his clear vision. He hopes to make a change in the world and create opportunities for those in the most need such as children and the homeless.

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